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Custom Designed Toroidal Power Transformers

 When our family of standard design transformers does not suit your application,
we are happy to design a custom toroidal transformer to your exact specifications
up to 32,000 VA single phase or 96,000 VA three-phase for 60 Hz. For 50/60Hz, we can design custom toroidal transformers up to 32,000 VA single phase or  96,000 VA for three-phase.

To design a transformer with optimum performance and the lowest possible price, we should know your application and the duty cycle of the transformer. The most cost effective design uses a core with a diameter to height ratio of 2:1.

See our
Design Guide for more details.

In addition to our regular toroidal cores, you can also specify the low profile O-Cores (up to 2,000VA) which offer an even lower profile.

Standard Mounting Methods
A metal washer and rubber pads provide the most economical way of mounting the transformer horizontally and is adequate for transformers under 600 VA, provided the transformer is not installed in a product that receives rough handling.  Above 600 VA, epoxy potted center is standard mounting method.  Prices include mounting hardware, either a steel washer and two rubber pads or as shown for larger sizes, an epoxy potted center with one or two drilled mounting holes.

  • Optional Potted Center
    For a nominal cost you can order smaller transformers with epoxy potting, either with drilled hole or threaded inserts. The potting has a recessed top to accommodate screw head. Flat bottom is standard feature.

  • The L-Bracket
    An L-shaped steel bracket is an economical solution for vertical mounting. A metal washer and two rubber pads are furnished with each L-bracket

Safety Standard Certifications
All Tortran Toroidal power and isolation transformers for industrial or commercial applications
are certified to Safety Standards: UL506, CSA C22.2 No.66-1988, EN 61558-1, IEC61558-1, IEC742 and come with CE marking. Intertek File:  3051384

     For Medical and Hospital applications, Tortran power and isolation transformers are certified to:
     UL60601-1, CSA std c22.2, No.601.1, EN 61558-1,  IEC60601-1.
Intertek File: 3051384. CB Test Certificate # US/2758/ITS.

Our transformers come with the CE marking. 

Our transformers are also designed to the applicable sections of other standards, such as UL950, IEC950, UL813, UL1236, EN742, VDE0750, VDE0551, CSA C22.2#125, and many more.

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Please feel free to complete the
Design Help
on our website or email your design specs to  or FAX to (203) 954-0050 or call  (203) 954-0050 to discuss with our design engineers.


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